Ipanema combines the energy and zest for life found in Brazil, with the deep-rooted flavors and culture of Portugal, and brings that magical combination to Manhattan. Located in “Little Brazil”, Ipanema breaks away from the onslaught of Brazilian gimmicks and clichés by mixing in a bit of the old country.

Ipanema is known for its Luso-Brazilian fare, in other words Portuguese and Brazilian cuisine. Our menu features dishes firmly rooted in either Brazilian or Portuguese traditional fare. The inclusion of both influences brings a certain refinement and class, while simultaneously adding color, edge, and vigor to our menu. When the old world and the new meet, sparks fly.

Our Executive Chef, Ernesto Suade, has been with us for over 25 years, making him one of the most experienced chefs in “Little Brazil”. The wealth of experience he brings to our kitchen is what allows us to bring these two cuisines together so perfectly and flavorfully.

Ipanema is located in close proximity to Times Square and the Theater District. Whether you are on business, a tourist, or a theater enthusiast, our location will ensure your convenience and comfort in addition to a top quality meal.